A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The first game I've ever made with the Godot engine.

Tested only on Linux because I couldn't get the HTML build to launch.

I made this game in 1 hour almost exactly without having ever done more than a simple movement script with Godot. Somehow I've ended up with some sort of game... I think that's pretty good.

The idea is that as you spend more time playing you get slower and slower as you get more tired. To win you must reach the bed before slowing down and falling asleep outside of the bed. It's pretty easy since I focused on the code. You kind of have to when you only have 1 hour to play with.

Install instructions

Unpack the zip and go to whatever your OS is. Linux and Windows it should just be the executable file, on Mac I'm not so sure.


1 hour so sleepy builds.zip 33 MB

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